Ok random clothing question..

Girls that wear waisted belts...at the smallest part of the waist or just under the boobs? At the waist makes you waist look smaller but under the boobs kinda pushes them up.. Was just wondering, can't decide which way to wear it. (oh and we are assuming it's with a dress. Guys and girls welcome to answer.


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  • For me it really depends on the dress style; belt thickness, style, size; and what kind of bra you're wearing.

    If the dress already has a line on it - at the waist or under the breast; as quite a lot do at the moment; use the belt to cover that - or place it central in it - this will most likely be the most flattering with that dress as it follows the line and looks nicer without two fitted places.

    It also depends on your body. With a shift dress, it's best to pull in at the slimmest part of your body - either below the breast or at the waist.

    Sometimes I find my belt fit's fine in one position and a bit tighter in another - wear it in the place it fits best - otherwise it can pull you in a little too much and leave a little flesh hanging above and below it.

    Normally I wear mine around my waist, simply because my boobs already look big in proportion to my body - so I don't want to emphasize that more.


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  • At the smallest part of the waist in most cases. However, if it's an empire waist top of dress wear it under the boobs.

  • Wear it at the smallest part of the waist, just under the boobs is kind of over.

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