How should I look & act?

-I have a crush on a guy that's one year older than me.. But he's really shy, And Every preppy girl likes him, but he doesn't like them. I notice he'll watch me some.. and a lot when I walk by him. As soon as I look at him, he looks away.. and blushes. Especially when I make him laugh or smile. Anyways.. Should I wear make up... should I act girly, but not stress it too much?


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  • Act how you're already acting since that seems to be attracting him already. One of my biggest turn-offs personally is when a girl suddenly changes how she acts around me... but maybe that's just me.

    • You're right.. but When school is dismissing outside, He wants to like sit exactly by me. but instead he sits like behindish me.

      (I have some of my friends near too. but I like can see him in the corner of my looking at me. smiling. I glance at him and he looks down & flips his hair. I'm kinda nervous though, I don't know what to say to him..

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