I want a slightly edgy haircut/style!

I have long hair, probably about 5 inches past my shoulders. It's light brown and I have bangs that can be full bangs or side swept. I want to be more edgy, but I'm afraid of something too "out there". Does anyone have any suggestions of an edgy-but not too edgy-hair style? I've been playing around with the idea of ombre hair...


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  • Angle it toward your face, like shorter and getting longer. Depending on the feature you like, have the angles start around there, if you love your eyes, start at eyes, love cheekbones start at cheekbones. It'll frame your face really nicely. If you want an "edgy" ombre start with a medium orange/reddish blond. If you're not ready for that, go with a light (but not really "platinum" blonde) and have it fade up till it's your natural color. Honestly, I don't really like ombre's on most people. You could also try layers, short layers if you hair is thick, long if it's thin. Most hairdressers will tell you the oppisite, but I have super fine hair and got short layers once... and oh my god. haha. Well, hope I helped! (:

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