I look like this guy and can't get any girls?

I don't look like James Bond I look like Charles Bronson and I can't get any girls is he ugly?





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  • Chuck B is a badass. he would kick any james bond's ass anyday. he's a rugged man w classic looks...no homo.


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  • Takes more than just looks. In fact with many girls its several things before the physical look is part of the consideration. What kind of person are you in general. Do you hang with a good group of people, do you smile a lot, do you have a decent reputation, do you have a fun type personality. These are all factors depending on the girl of course, but think about it.

    • looks are the first thing if I'm not attracted to the guy I couldn't care less what his personality is or how much dough he makes.

    • I'm sure that has worked well for you as in general the really hot looking guys are the biggest jags around. They are good looking, flaunt it, know it and expect you to consider it a favor when they notice you! No thanks I like a littie more than that from a guy

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  • show actual pictures of you

    • that is me you movie dude. I look like him except more muscular every time I meet someone new they always say I look like Charles Bronson (unless they don't know who he is.