How do I keep this guy from losing interest in me?

Ok so there's this guy in one of my classes and I looked at him flirtily. For example, I smiled and said hi and kept looking back at him. Last week when our groups were working on a project, I saw him again and he introduced himself to me and we had some brief small talk.

my question is, how do I prevent him from losing interest in me, because this always happens to me. My class in meeting on Monday and he'll be there. I want to chat with him after class and maybe invite him to hang out with me sometime. Do you think that'd be a good idea? Or should I talk to him more first? Or should I try to get him to ask ME to hang out? How should I flirt with him?


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  • Hmmm...(thinking)

    From how you signaled your interest, and how he picked up on it and went to talk to're not dealing with a stereotypical "shy nice guy".

    That being said, I still wouldn't be passive with this guy. At class on Monday, I would ask him what he's doing after class and suggest a casual place (coffee shop, casual lunch place, etc.) just to have some one-on-one time with him. :)


    I think that one of the main reason guys lost interest in a girl is because she's SO CONCERNED about coming off clingy/obsessive...that she comes off emotionally cold and apathetic about him.

    This happens A LOT more than most girls realize. It's OK to show some excitement that he's around you! :)


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