Has anyone felt those strange vibes that makes you not be able to look?

i've notice that sometimes when a girl is looking at me , I try to look at a the girl because I want to give her the look back but I have some vibes in why eye that don't let me look at her. or sometimes some parts of my body frezza a little.


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  • vibes? I get nervous, if that's what you mean. I get so nervous that my heart starts beating fast and I feel like throwing up. I had to run away from my crush last time. it was too scary, I couldn't stand to be in the same room as him. ha ha I felt more at ease when I was in denial about liking him.

    but yeah. I can't even look him in the face. I actually did once and my mind went blank. I'll never do that again. so now, I'm the same as you. I can't look at him anymore. too scary. :(

    • I agree LizTheWeirdKid: The heart beating thing is just un-nerving and shocking. As soon as my heart starts beating, I'm like in shock mode and I'm thinking "OH SH!T" ---"RUN"

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    • try heavy breathing mediation, sit down and breath a lot. fears also come from past hurt and or negative relationships, try loving yourself and crying it out. when you talk to someone don't have expectations, and don't be attached to an outcome. its a universal law for anyone that if we have an attachment to and outcome or expectations about someone fear will come out because we are not acting out of pure intnetion

    • Oh OK. I see. I think I can do that. I'll try to relax and not think anything about it. I think my fears always get the best of me. :D

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  • What is "frezza a little"?

    Mostly I just figured it was nerves. You know just nervousness or something.

    Do you not think it's just being nervous?

  • Yes, happens all the time. I find that it's hard to look your crush in the eye - I would describe it as you want them to notice you, but not notice you at the same time. I think it's because you don't know what they think about you, and the tension is awkward...

  • It has happened to me before. I was maintaining eye contact with a guy and then my eye started becoming twitchy for some reason...I thought it was my contact lens that was falling out or something. LOL

  • that happened with me, he was sitting next to me and was talking to me, I couldn't handle the eye contact for too long and started feeling the same way you just described.. so I just pretended as if I've to cough so he doesn't think of me as some weirdo lol

    • i know ! its really annoying your eyes ither skip or they can't look. I think its when we have to much our mind in it. we just have to keep our mind clear and try to just flow

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  • Yeah I think that happens to everyone at one point.

  • Yes to the max. Haha.

  • Vibes will be an improper word here. Its simply lack of confidence and its quite natural, too. But good news is that you can learn to overcome it.

    It takes courage, confidence to look into someone's eyes. You find it difficult to look into someone's eyes if you are not confident or if you are lying. Once you start looking into the eyes, you will see its really easy and comfortable.

    So far as girls are concerned, they have some typical traits. When she looks at and you respond with looking at her, it is most likely that she will look down or away. But don't worry. Its a natural reaction. Studies show that if she is likes you or interested in you, she'll look back again within 45 seconds.

    You might have some clue by watching the way she looks away, that is, down or horizontal or up.

    If she look away and down like sweeping the floor with her eyes, she is most likely to be interested in you.

    If she looks away and horizontal, she is not sure if she likes you or not. She needs more time. Make sure you stand in a way she can observe you from top to bottom. ( they are great observers by the way :-)

    If she looks away and up, she is either involved somewhere else or otherwise not interested in you.

    Don't waste time on her.

    It is possible that a beautiful lady in the far corner is giving you that look away and down clue. ;-)

    I hope this helps you out with your "vibes".

    • It sure helps me out! Thanks anon.

    • Don't know why you're anon, this is pretty good.

    • @goldgunsgirls: np. :-)

      @ManaX: I wrote this ans wid my profile name available. But was going through site and I got feeling that there are some people around here whom I can call downright racist. I don't want anybody to judge me based on my skin tone.thats childish. So I visited this answer again and just ticked "Anonymous". :-) I'm an Indian, by the way.

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