Why many people think black men are more masculine than Caucasian men?

I really wonder why people think this because I think the opposite. To make it clear I don't talk about white American men and african American men, talk about caucasian(Europe, usa, middle east) men and african black men. I wanna discuss about looks not how they act etc. Masculine men have square heads, square jaw lines, thin lips and more facial,body hairs that more seen for caucasian men(George Clooney, Clive Owen). Black men have round heads, round jaw lines, full lips and less facial,body hairs as all people agree. Masculine properties described in many studies and so I really wonder why some people think in the opposite way? It maybe about dark skin but it's not a male thing women can be as dark as men. This subject is not about who you are attracted or better looking, we all have different preferences. But I think mixed(black-caucasian) and Mediterranean men are the most handsome ones. by the way not all girls prefer masculine guys of course. I just tried to be objective and share what I think. Please don't get offended, keep peace

well, I really don't know why no one understand what I mean. you all talk same. I was so clear, I talk about masculine looks. you all talk about behavior s or sports. maybe you don!t have any valid arguments about mine?


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  • If you want to talk strictly about masculinity i.e. strength, testosterone...the works, here's my take.

    Africa is kind of a rough place to live. Back when it was mostly tribal and there wasn't any western civilization, the main source of food was to go out and hunt with a spear or some similar item. And the main source of defense was fighting with a spear or some similar item. You had to be strong and able bodied to survive. In a way, selective breeding took place. In a place where physical health was so important for survival, the weaker people fell pray to illness, the elements, or animals, and the stronger ones survived. Over time, only men and women who possessed the traits needed to survive were reproducing so the African race was dominated by strong characteristics.

    Now, if we were to take this to slavery in the U.S. then the same thing applies. The weaker slaves died, and the stronger ones lived to reproduce. It doesn't surprise me at all that African Americans and, in general, Africans are more athletic than other races.

    I'm not sure what you were wondering, but that's why I think African men are more masculine, or have the ability to be more masculine than other races.

    • well I think usa people don't know what masculine means. masculine and athletic are different. and I don't talk about african Americans italk about africans.

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    • of course not strength. are you all brainwashed? by the way who said africans have more strength?africans are faster.

    • I'm not sure if people are aware of this, but Europe was pretty rough till like a generation or two ago as well.

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  • Most black men are aggressive or more assertive.

    White guys are in the background when it comes to masculinity. So to speak, I don't think so.

    It all has to do with their behavior rather than their appearance.

    • i see no one understand what I mean. look behavior s mostly depend on lifestyle and all disadvantaged groups in different countries behave same: more aggresive and tend to be a criminal but it doesn't mean you are masculine.

    • No, it doesn't but it is perceived that way.

  • because black men are more masculine in general. look at football and basketball. who makes up more of that? black men. If you look at hockey and baseball more white guys make up that. I think black men are far more masculine than white guys but it can depend on the man

    • You mean athletic.

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    • if a guy looks masculine he is masculine if a girl looks feminine she is feminine and we love that!

    • lol not true one bit and you are wrong. There are many masculine looking gay men who are the fem in the relationship and fem looking lesbians who are the man in the relationship

      link this girl is a lesbian but is the dom in the relationship. Yes she looks fem but acts masculine


      these men look masculine yet one prefers to be the fem in the relationship. hence my point once again

  • i don't know,i like neiter lol

    ut I guess its the dark color, dark hair, eyes and they usually don't smile often and are forward and idk...also they usually like girls who are more feminine than the women caucasian men go after

    • i said masculine by apperance you people still give examples of preferences or moral differences. this kind of things are more cultural not racial.

  • they have more testosterone than any other race, I think...and most of the MVP players in the sports world happen to be African American men.

    • blacks have more testesterone and caucasians have more dht. and still they have many feminine features. I don't know wy you people don't understand my subject. athletic sports are all different. I wishyou talk about how black guys looks masculine. but you dont.

  • I see white guys as more masculine, to be honest black guys aren't my type (no I'm not racist its just not my thing to be sleeping with a black guy). Black guys scare me for the most part, I guess since I'm only attracted to white men they are the only masculine to me :)


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  • Black dudes are generally more aggressive and athletic.

    • same bullsh*t.

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    • world is not usa. first try to learn this fact. there is swimming, football(not your American football) lots of different sports dominated by caucasians. please go and search what masculine means and how a guy can look masculine or feminine.

    • Listen bro, LEARN what masculinity is. Masculinity is a MINDSET, not how you look. What are conventional masculine qualities? Facial hair, body hair, muscular composition, angular facial features, height, etc...Some people may think that white folks LOOK more masculine because they have more angular features, but for the most part, black men have more masculine personality traits than white men. Charade is over.

  • Ehhh wrong. It depends on the guy and race has nothing to do with it