Is height to girls what curves are to guys?

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Personally I think so, what do you all say?


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  • Not all guys like curves, or the same kinds of curves. And a lot of men are more attracted to certain heights as well. I've known guys of all kinds. Some are leg men and love really long legs, and thus tall women, others love short girls, some like minimal curves and small butts, small hips, small boobs, others like the most dramatically curvy women, wide hips, big butts, big boobs, etc. there's really no one size fits all with men or women.

    I think society has ideals on height that we inherit and ideals about feminity and masculinity in relation to height and we internalize those too. and there's an inherent attraction, a sexual turn on about height for some people, and some people have feelings of protecting/being protected over height.

    Height is definitely important to me. I love tall men, I think its just really sexy when a cute guy is really tall. For me, tall-ish starts around 5'10/5'11 but tall really starts at 6'0/6'1. 6'2-6'4 is perfect and legitimately tall lol I don't really feel protected personally, but I love how it feels standing next to them, its a turn on for me, sexy, feels comfy, I love looking up at them. I love tall men and luckily for me, many of them like shorter girls. :) I just worry that they are uncomfortable sometimes in bending over for me. I'm not really short, I'm an average 5'4, but that can still be uncomfortable for a guy who is like 6'3. They don't seem to mind, but I still don't want them to hate bending over for me.

    So yeah, height is definitely important to me. But not all women are like this. some shorter girls like short guys because they think its more comfortable. some tall women don't mind dating shorter guys. and some women don't care at all.


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  • I don't think so.

    Between extremely short and extremely tall, most women would prefer average and up, up until the highest 1% where it gets too freaky.

    Between extremely skinny and extremely voluptuous, most men would prefer average, up until about the lowest and highest 25% where it gets too thin or flat or too fat or ridiculously curvy.

    Too oversimplify: a man can't be tall enough, a woman can be too curvy.

  • height and muscle/physique is the same as breasts/ass

  • No. Height is to some guys, what penis size is to other guys - just an excuse to be a crybaby.

    • only guys care about penis size. 6-7 inches is the perfect size because its at the point where its long but doesn't hurt a girl during sex.

      you watch too much gay p*rn brah

    • I don't give a crap about penis size "brah", but there are a lot of crybabies who do.

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