Girls, when you see a guy staring at you....?

When you see a guy staring at you and you two lock eyes what is your reaction, what do you do?

Do you react differently between a guy you find attractive and one you don't?

For an example, you're walking down the street and there is a guy sitting on a bench or standing waiting for the bus, he looks at you and then a few seconds later you look at him and lock eyes.

Do you not react at all and just look away, do you adjust your hair or your clothes, do you smile, do you cross your arms or put your hands in your pockets.


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  • It depends on if I know the guy or not... If I don't know them I'll smile (&if he's attractive I might check myself) and if I know the guy I'll still smile but I might show more expression and it might not be as weird

  • If I'm not interested I'll look away and walk off, if he's attractive I'd just stare back and grin. Lol


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