Going to dye my hair pure white...wondering about?

The bleaching aspect? How harsh is bleach on the hair? Should I put some oil on the hair before applying bleach and dye? I want all the color out of my hair getting it cut to look like this:


With a streak of black somewhere in the bang. I'm brown skinned so the contrast should look pretty stunning and bring out my dark brown eyes lol but yea, anyone who's bleached, how was the texture / quality of your hair after? How long did it take your hair texture to feel healthy / normal if it became dry brittle after bleaching and dying?

Thanks a ton ^^


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  • I'm guy and I bleached my hair, I've got thin soft hair naturally and after I dyed it- which by the way I used two full bottles of platinum bleach when the reccommended was a quarter of one, I've just got somewhat sandy blond hair. It's still soft as a rabbits ass so you don't have to worry about that. You just have to be careful about what brand you use- avoid Splat.


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  • I highly suggest you do this at a salon by a professional, not yourself.

    If you hair is very dark, you may want to gradually lighten and not do it in one single process

    • okay I was thinking about that route - will it be like some hideous blond color in between bleachings though?

    • Say your natural color is dark brown...u would go from that to a med. Brown, then to a light brown/dirty blond, then to your desired color