Why is he staring at me?

So I transferred schools this year, and there is this guy in my class that I knew in elementary school. I noticed that sometimes he stares at me, but he doesn't talk to me, so I wonder why is he like this, is it because I look familiar to him? I also noticed that he's the flirty type, so he might look at all of the girls, but I'm curious


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  • He stares at you because he thinks you are pretty, he doesn't do anything because either he hasn't gotten any signs from you that it's a go, or and more likely, he doesn't have the guts to ask you.

    He probably does look at other beautiful girls, but the same thing, he doesn't act.


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  • He thinks you are pretty.


  • hes thinks your a good looking girl and likes to look, maybe next time you catch him looking wink at him and see how he reacts.


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