Attraction; just phsyical or is it mental for you too?

guys, an anonymous guy recently said that a man is only physically attracted to females, and that is the only reason you date them, so I wondered for how many men is that true for

He also said that men are only mentally attracted to another male, that there not mentally attracted to a female, so if that is the case then why don't more men turn gay and start dating another guy since your more mentally attracted to them then a female

on the poll please answer

True if your only physically attracted, not mentally to a female

False if you are physically and mentally attracted to a female

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  • Pay attention, anonymous guys sometimes tell pure B.S. This one did in any case.


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  • guys are NOT attracted to guys in any way. We like hangin out with gus because it's fun, but we aren't attracted to them for it.

    It is true, we are only physically attracted to females. they're hot. Sure they can be cool too, but guys are cool, and guys don't turn us on. The only thing we like about girls is their hotness.

    Since girls think other girls are so beautiful, I often wonder why more girls aren't lesbians...

    • I agree with the first part, but I doubt guys at least befriend and hang out with girls just because they're attracted to them. I have many guy friends and sure I'm considered cute by some but I don't think all are just friends with me because they're attracted to me, in fact I know that some of them have girlfriends and/or are interested in another girl.

      And also sure I consciously think, oh this girl's attractive while this other one isn't but that doesn't make me bi or a lesbian.

What Girls Said 2

  • Well then I'm stuffed. =P


  • that sounded pretty sexist. maybe he's used to dating girls for only their looks with no personality, but most guys need to be mentally and physically attracted to you if they are going to date you, or else they would just hit it. I know I'm a girl but I'm pretty sure that's not the case for all guys

    • Very true! for I know a few guys who tried to hook up with me or at least flirted with me but they apparently had no intention of having a relationship with, though for some of them I know they don't want a relationship right now with any girl.

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