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Guys, are you attracted more to girls who like sports, the arts, or math and science? Why?

  • Sports
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  • Creative Arts (drawing, writing, sculpting, etc.)
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  • Performing Arts (dance, music, acting, etc.)
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  • Science and/or math
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  • I would say the performing arts. Performing art girls are usually more outgoing and it takes confidence to showcase yourself in the form of your art to others. They also usually take care of their body or appearance for show purposes.

    Most performing art is usually a science as well as a creative field. So girls will usually understand both sides (left and right brained), and be well rounded. I have studied acting and click well with theatre girls.


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  • I would say arts and sports. Sporty girls have nice bodies and you can watch sporting events with them.

    Artsy girls are HOT as well. They are usually smart, not book smart, but smart about life and good judgment of people and have great style.

  • I am more attracted to Performing arts girls because they have athletic prowess as well as a sense of intellect. They must be in shape to perform and be able to memorize what they are performing and think about it.


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