When she tells me good morning and I look up at her and answer...she turns away in this case she looks down?

um why...does she hate me or something ? :( I don't get it please someone help me here :(


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  • I'm going to need a bit more detail here...is she someone you're dating? Living with? Married to? Just met? Never met before in your life? Details please.

    • we work at the same place...and no I'm not dating her by the way she told her dad about me but he doesn't like me so she has to stay away from me and we kinda had a little beef (wouldn't talk to me at all) but she calmed down now

    • anything else you need to know?

    • I'm not sure. Your detail was helpful. Maybe she knows talking to you is kind of taboo for her and so she feels bashful or something.

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  • Probably very shy but interested, otherwise she wouldn't say good morning

  • Bad breath?

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