How big a turn off is bad skin to girls?

I'm not covered in zits or anything, just something about my facial skin seems...gross. Sometimes when under fluorescent lighting I scare myself looking in the mirror even though I look great in some other mirrors.

My skin I think is WAY below average looking in terms of pleasing to look at. People commonly think I'm older than I am, and I'm sure it's because of my skin.


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  • First off if your unhappy with your skin, have you been to a skin doctor and asked them what you can do or use to help?

    Now girls don't expect a man to have clear and perfect skin and its not as important as you think. Confidence is huge! If you are feeling like you don't like how your skin looks and your down about it, woman get uncomfortable around you. Do some research and look into what can help. Best of luck :)

    • I hate mirrors so much. Everytime I see one I MUST look at myself, simply because I'm insecure. Sometimes my skin looks great and other times I just want to go hide under a rock and cry.

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  • we are our own worst enemy,go to a dermatologist and if you can't afford to pro active works great for my son,ur skin is probably very oily so you may need to wash more than normal,but it will clear up far as attraction,people are sometimes very superficial and as long as you don't have puss in your wounds the redness shouldn't stop someone from wanting to know u

  • I know what its like to have bad skin...exzema and acne combined on face me its a bad combo...The good thing is you can do many things to reduce acne inflamation, if it really bothers you. For me its not a turn off...its what's inside that really matters. *touches your chest with hand*


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