I like him but could this be a way of him just making an excuse to speak to us?

well we hardly know each other but it always feels like we did or we have known each other its weird I don't know how to talk to him I'm afraid I guess but he never looks at me if he sees me he'll look away or he'll look at me from the corner of his eye but he always makes it seem as if I've done something wrong or hurt him I don't get it the other day me and my friend walked past him because we're in the medical team at school and when I looked back at him he was looking at me then he

stopped us and asked us if we had sun block but it was more of a command as if he didn't know how to speak to us and he kept looking at the floor he hardly looked up at me while he was speaking then when my friend said she didn't have sunblock he started complaining about what if we get a patient with a skin condition and we don't have sun block but still looking at the floor then I said I had some in my bag and he looked up at me for a moment and then looked at the floor and replied "can you please give some to my sister" but rudely I was so angry but I just nodded and walked away I know I could just be looking to much into it because I like him but could this be a way of him just making an excuse to speak to us ?


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  • Sometimes guys will do that if they like a girl for some period of time and the girl doesn't reciprocate those feelings, Kind of like he's punishing her for not liking him back. But it's more likely that he just lacks confidence and is a bit awkward.


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