Bald head, shaved it all off, goatee or no goatee?

I shaved off all my hair because I was going bald, I have a shapely head and everything thinks the look suits me. I've been rocking a goatee with it, so people haven't seen me bald with no goatee. I wanted to ask, bald head with or without a goatee? People tell me I look edgy, dangerous, smart, assassin like. I look more rough and gruff. But I wanted to shave the goatee off to test the look without it.

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  • Well goatee should be no no hair or not. Ah sorry, might work on someone's face. I shave my head... well most often cut it as short as machine gets it and not actually shave... And I do keep some beard and it suits me. Really short. Closer to stubble than beard really.I don't actually have a weak chin, but just a little beard seems to balance my face nicely.

    So go for goatee if it works for you. Won't hurt to ask from women tho... I mean women that actually see your face. Not much help to ask women's opinion of goatees online as they in truth have no idea what works on that mug of yours.

  • we need to see what your head looks like to properly judge

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