Guys-What do you look for in a girl?

So is there a cut-and-dry type of girl who is irresistible, or do guys have tastes of girls like I know I have for guys?

Is there an iconic, almost magnetism that a girl draws guys with?

If not, what are the first 5 things you look for in a girl?

Oh, and how does a girl keep a guy's attention if she's interested as well?


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  • MY biggest draw is brains and sense of humor. I'm a bit of a nerd myself so to find a girl who can find a way to squeeze in a "not so common" word into a conversation is a big turn on. I have met many cute girls but sometimes they don't have that "click" so the cuteness doesn't really impress me. On the other hand an average girl with a quick with will get my attention every time.

    • Thanks for BA. I realize that finding a girl like that can be extremely difficult. I found one but since we are always trying to outsmart each other and being all smartass and sarcastic, sometimes we get in each other nerves and argue quite a bit but we always find ourselves going back to talk to each other and I have no idea where this will end up but the fact that I just love the way she talks and the engaging conversation makes me forget she irritates me sometimes :/ lol

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  • Me personally, I like long hair, tall, smart, humor, and at least a b-cup

    A girl can keep a guys attention with flirting, hanging out. Basically you gotta be indirect at first with some flirting, then just go for it

  • My personal taste:

    1) Does some fitness activity

    2) Scientifically literate

    3) Speaks a foreign language that I do

    4) Decent personality

    5) No red flags

    A girl should act interested in the guy. It's discouraging when the girl does not ask questions about the guy as well.

  • I want a girl who is





    Weird in a good way

  • What I look for (in order upon first meeting):

    1) Face

    2) Breasts/Body

    3) Personable

    4) Will she challenge me? (Intellectually/Cunning)

    5) Fun!

  • -First thing any guy looks into for a girl, is her being physically attractive.

    -Sexual compatibility.

    -Don't be a bitch, be nice and respectful.

    -Having fun, good conversation

    -Future goals

  • Hook up: Face, body.

    Relationship: Face, body, morals, selflessness, intelligence, etc.

  • 1. Intelligent

    2. Honest

    3. Loving

    4. Personality/weird in a good way

    5. Kind of cute with a nice smile


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