How would I talk to girls if I'm sitting at a bar by myself? I guess I look pretty odd as a 26 year old.

Also what can I talk about? Also how would I go from I how are you? My name is Stephen. What can I say to get a conversation going?


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  • "i see you need a refill" *charming smile*

    *looks to the bartender* "can I get a refill for this pretty lady on my tab"

    *looks at the girl and smile again*

    *walks off to find something else to do*

    *wait for the girl to come talk to you*


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  • You walk over to her, sit down, and say "Hi."

    It's just like any other conversation. Be natural.

    There was a recent episode of Impractical jokers (you should watch it, on Tru TV, it's great) where the guys were challenged to sit next to a stranger in the park, and ask "Penny for your thoughts?"

    Watch that sequence, and you'll see just how easy it is to talk to strangers.