I was taking a course tonight. I keep wondering if this girl who works with me likes me?

So we were in class and this instructor kept on making funny jokes about the subject, and this girl that I work with and I laughed at many of his jokes. There was no real reason for her to look at me as the teacher was ahead of us and we were both at the same rectangle table on the same side. When the instructor made some jokes we would laugh, and more than a few times this girl turned to look at me, I didn't always look at her when she turned to me, I caught her once or twice, but I know for sure she looked at me more times than that. would this be any kind of a sign that a girl is into you at all. guess I'm just being hopeful for any sign that this girl likes me, as if she's my only hope at getting a date or girlfriend. which it could very well be.


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  • I think you should just go ahead and talk to her or she wouldn't of been looking

    • What if she has known me for a few years though we don't have much if any contact outside of work. If we do have contact outside of work the subject will usually be about work. Also like everybody else she calls me by my last name, as a friend would do. Wouldn't that mean that is is not into me

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