Are expensive suits made from the same material as not expensive?

Like giorgio armani compare with 100 dollars suit the same material. Like paying for the name brand.


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  • There's a range.

    I don't beleive armani makes their own fabrics.

    With many suits, you can see who made the fabric. You're not going to find $100 retail suits using the same fabrics used by Armani in their main lines, but you could find suits that cost significantly less using the same ones. Note that emporio armani vs. giorgio vs. collezioni are _quite_ different.

    Note that you can also have suits made, and generally speaking they can order cheap or expensive fabric. Relatively high end fabrics might themselves be worth 400-500? for a suit's worth. "Good' fabrics are less then that, and of course it moves higher too.

    Zegna is one of the companies that actually produces its own fabrics (which they also sell to others, you can get zegna fabric suits not made by zegna).

    Expensive suits, you're paying for a few things:

    - fabric

    - name brand (perhaps)

    - construction technique (fused vs. partial canvas vs. full canvas)

    - amount of handwork (handstitching, etc)

    - to be fair a 'designer' brand that creates 'new' looks has to pay designers, and that cost IS going to be passed on to you. For 'branded' stuff I think you're paying more of an upgrade for passed on marketing then passed on design, but designers do have some impact.

    Also realize a lot of 'designers' don't make their own stuff! High end designers often use good makers, who are themselves not cheap.

    Since you asked about armani:

    s of 2 years ago at least:

    Giorgio Armani is their top line. Suits are made by Vestimenta, half canvassed, machine made.

    Collezioni is slightly less expensive, fused, made by Conf. di Matelica SpA. Both lines use fairly nice fabrics.

    Emporio is 'sportier' do they even have proper suits? Not sure.

    Armani exchange is produced under license by a separate firm entirely and has nothing to do with armani beyond handing them money to use the word 'armani'.

    There's a whole separate world of fabric makers, and well known players in THAT world, distinct from the suit making world. Rarely are they the same company (zegna being a bit of an exception).

    If you're really hardcore, you can team up with your friends and get bespoke fabric. I know one internet forum that has commissioned fabrics, which they then divide up and have tailored.


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  • Generally you're paying for the cut and drape and styling. The material is probably better in the Aramni as well; there are many different grades of wool. But even if the material is identical, how it's handled is what adds to the price.

    I mean sure, to some extent you ARE just paying for the Armani name; but it's also better!

    • How does cutting the material in a different shape cost more?

    • It takes skill to make the suit 'drape' in just the right way! You are paying for that skill, the design that is behind it...

  • Definitely not. It's about the fabric, but brand also makes an impact.

  • Suits is one of the clothing types where there is a significant difference in quality.

    Don't get me wrong though, you are paying for the brand too

  • No.

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