Men's hair tips??

I need some hair tips on how to get my hair a bit thicker on the crown area of my head.

I finally got the courage to buzz my head short today after having long hair for like 5 years. It looks weird but kinda better, but you can tell if you look from the top its thinned out a bit ;(

So hopefully I get myself on the right track to maintaining healthy hair this time (which I have no clue how to). The main thing I want is for it to be thicker on the top though. Or will it grow thicker this time around? help please? what do I do?

Thanks. oh and I'm only 20.

I also heard you should let it air dry as using a towel or blow dryer damages it. Is this true?


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  • Very hot water is bad for your hair, and over shampooing too. Just be gentle with your scalp, as far as growing that hair back I'm not sure, Ask an Emo girl!

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