I offered help today when he looked like he was struggling. Is this a good sign or bad?

So this guy is in a wheelchair temporarily and I've seen a few girls help him get from class to class. I offered help today when he looked like he was struggling, he refused saying he'd be fine and demonstrated by trying to stand up unassisted, wincing and smiling at me. Is that good or bad?


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  • Not sure, maybe he wanted to try by himself, don't take it too personal. Try approaching some other time again and see what happens if you do and he rejects too many times then maybe he does not wanna talk or I mean don't know, he knows you like him? maybe he does not want you to think he does or I don't know haha, just don't take it personal and approach some other time.

    • I've just been getting some really strong signs from him tho so idk!

  • that is so bad. get him help immediately.


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