Need help with how I wash my hair?

no matter what I do lately my hair never feels or looks clean after I wash it

I've tried different brands of shampoo, for long or normal or straight hair

i usually don't use conditioner

i use warm water when I shower

i never blow dry my hair

i comb it before and after I shower

i wash it every other day

yet after I shampoo it and it dries it keeps looking almost greasy or wet and I can't stand it anymore, what am I doing wrong here? I need some help please!


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  • try washing every day. I have greasy hair and I have to

    you probably just have oily hair. I have the same issue. I recently found a miracle worker, dry shampoo.

    the trick is to spray it in right after your hair dries, before the oil has a chance to really come out and spread all over.

    i use a few sprays after a shower, just rub in the powder with my fingers (it may leave some white residue, because it is a dry substance that absorbs the oil from your hair. a good trick is to spray it in short bursts and not too close to your head and then brush your hair and rub it in your roots if necessary)

    some brands are better than others. I personally hate the suave one because it is very stiff and smells bad.

    the batiste one works like a charm. it is a little difficult to find depending on where you live but I have found it in duane reade as well as ulta stores.

    batiste dry shampoo is my miracle worker. I would wash my hair and it would look greasy a few hours later. now I use this stuff and my hair looks good for 24 hours as long as I don't sweat. amazing!

    • also, spray the dry shampoo in layers. a few short bursts and rub in on the top roots, then lift the top layer of hair and spray it by the roots in the back of your head, as well as the bottom of your head, and just rub it in well. even my hairdresser said I have greasy hair and I rinsed well, washing less often did NOT help because my hair looked bad. one plus, she said having oily hair now means that as you age your hair won't get brittle and dry.

    • Thanks for your answer! I tried a clarifying shampoo like another user suggested and it's been working pretty well, but I really want to try that dry shampoo stuff when I get the chance, thanks for telling me about it!

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  • you need to try wash your hair less for starters and make sure it is properly rinsed (not saying you dont). I would advice a clarifying shampoo once a week, and if you ever use conditioner rinse with cold water, never brush your hair wet always use a wide toothed comb try and avoid constantly changing brands -x- hope this works

  • try not washing it for a few days