How can I tell if girls are interested at first sight?

Every time I go somewhere by myself I feel like I'm invisible, yet when I go with someone else they always say "Dude did you see those girls checking you out!?!" And no I dont.

So my question is, How can I tell if a girl is interested if I've never seen her before, are there like magical signs that appear out of the blue? If I see a good looking girl Should I look back to see if she is looking? And if she is?


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  • Girls do just what guys do except we are a lot more secretive about it. If a girl sees a hot guy typically she will cut her eyes instead of turning her head towards you and look you up and down... A lot of people really just don't pay any attention and don't catch it... I'm like you, I'm totally oblivious to the fact guys check me out unless one of my friends point it out... Just open your eyes and pay attention(:

    • Lol thank you for answering! I really want to meet more girls, I hang out with too many guys, How do I befriend these fleeting girls without coming off as that typical Creepy guy lol, I feel like such a loser not knowing this stuff :3

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    • You boosted my confidence, and made me feel like I can actually go meet girls without being Lame :) Thank you so much for your advice, I really needed it!

      Feel free to add me as a friend, I like keeping stable minded people around me!

      Thanks again, Your Awesome!


    • Thank you!(:

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