Why does my husband always want to tell me how cute another girl is?

He doesn't do this in public but when we are just home setting watching TV every time and I mean every time there is a cute girl he wonts to tell me about how cute she is or how good she looks .well I'm a nice looking woman and he knows that others guys think it also. so why does he do this to me I don't care if he thinks she is hot. Just don't go on about it to me I just don't like to hear him tell me this all the time. Or am I wrong?


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  • That would really anger me it shows a lack of disrespect for you and your feelings. Make sure you tell him that this upsets you and ask him to respect your wishes. If he continues even though you made it clear that it hurts you maybe you should reconsider this marriage.


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  • It could mean a lot of different things, but it may be that he just appreciates the female figure in all of its forms. Similarly, women often have unrealistic crushes on Hollywood actors, but since it's obvious that those people don't represent an actual threat to the relationship, most men don't mind.

    While calling TV women cute isn't the most tactful thing to do, it's probably not a major concern. If it really bothers you, you should let him know in a serious tone that it hurts your feelings. It will make him much more likely to stop the behavior.


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  • I have done this on several occasions! I remember saying "Keiffer Sutherland is the hottest thing ever. He looked at me and said, "Give it up Carrie! " but I didn't do it all the time. I guess I just felt comfortable enough to express it. My husband and I had a pretty open friendship. He thought Jamie Lee Curtis was to die for. It never bothered me. I guess it depends on your personality.

    • Yes I can understand doing things like that , but this is different. It's like he is doing this to make me jealous.