Work out freaks, I need your undivided attention...

I'll get straight down to business, I want to shed the last ten pounds where my belly is and love handles, my body looks exactly like hers right now link ... I want to get toned to look like her link

Ive began to get myself toned, exactly how many weeks (hopefully) or months would I need to look like the second picture? and what equipment shall I use?

Thank you!


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  • Ok, Ill get straight down to business too :p.

    So you just want a natural slim body?

    You can achieve by walking an hour everyday, drinking ONLY WATER (no sodas, beers, juice), eat lots of veggies and fruits, throw away your sugars and sweets, and cut down your meals from 3 times a day, to twice a day (morning and lunch, but forget eating dinner).

    You are guaranteed to achieve that body in less than 3 months.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble but that's all I have been doing for weeks now, I only lost 15 pounds, I even jogged and haven't gotten toned much. The only result I got was the first picture... so good advice though..for starters.

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    • Take your time lol, remember this: Proper diet, Great exercise, Good sleep.

      Remember this ratio also: Calories burned a day: 25% from diet, 25% from exercise, and 50% from sleep (rest and recovery).

      When you go back to the gym, you only need to workout 3 times a week. But it doesn't mean every gym session should be 45 mins. Heck I workout for up to 3 hours each session.

    • OMG I can't even take being at the gym for an hour let alone 3 hours! But I will go back to the gym and work out the rest :D Thanks!

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  • Both these ladies look like they do plenty of crunches and cardio.

    Girl A has a body fat% of about 19% (guestimate).

    Girl B has a body fat% of about 12% (guestimate).

    The transition from A to B with a weight loss of about 1lb per week should take about 18 weeks.

    • You'll want a high protein low fats low carbs diet as well. There are plenty of diets to choose from and honestly most of them will work so long as you stick to them. I recommend ZONE.

      Good luck =D

  • 60 days of core exercises and aerobics, coupled with a strict diet..not starvation, just a counting-calories regime...and you'll be there! I promise!

  • I would say you need about 23% body fat to look like the second picture. Figure out your current body fat and assume you can burn about 1% a week or every 1.5 weeks. The thing about abs (and flat stomachs) is that it's 90% diet and 10% exercise. Toning means light weights and body weight exercises. Do various planks and v ups.

  • Length of time it takes depends on your diet and how often you exercise and intensity of the workout.

  • eat one meal a day and only drink water, that meal should be like 1200 calories

  • u could try that insanity thing...its pretty tough


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  • if you honestly look like the first girl, then I would not recommend you want to change anything. The first girl has an actual shape and curves, she looks healthy. She has that hourglass bone structure, thick hips, small waist, huge boobs. Guys love that kind of shape.

    the second girl is very thin and honestly my body is more like the second pic, I have always been skinny, I wish I looked more like the first pic but gaining weight for me is never successful because my fat goes wherever it wants to including my face and stomach so I can only be a fat and saggy shape like a potato or keep my little skinny boyish shape.

    so I choose to maintain my shape by eating healthy and jogging, I don't really do a whole lot of weight lifting. The petite boyish shape is just apart of my genes

  • Wow your body looks like the first pic really? With boobs that big? and I bet that ass is hot! You really don't need to lkose some, I think that's shape's hot as long as you don't have a belly :D But if you're determined to work for thinner, here's how I lost the 25 pounds that separated me from my ideal body :) I didn't cut out completely any food I eat I just cut back my portions by like half.

    Breakfast is important! Try to eat asap after you get out of bed.

    I also do stomach exercises in the morning like crunches, but that's optional for you. ( I just had a lot to lose in that area)

    I usually either skip dinner or just have a cup of yoghurt. And sometimes some green tea with nothing sweet in it just tea.

    In general my rule is to never overeat and just eat as much as my body needs. Never counted exact calories or anything. But I did check out approximately how many calories my body needs per day.

    Also about drinks, no alcohol (or at the very max a glass or two of wine, every now and then).

    I try to only drink water so my calories per day come from foods only cause I can estimate pretty easily which meal has how many calories. But when I didn't follow that I at least tried to get drinks that aren't that sweet or milky or creamy :)

    Do Cardio as much as possible, just pick some sort of cardio exercises and do that as often as you can without overworking yourself and don't overdo it too, 10-15 minutes are enough for me.

    Never overwork yourself, everything has to be easy for you nothing should cause pain, or cramps or anything like that because that way you'll subconsciously start to hate what you're doing and that will affect your motivation and the whole thing will become a pointless drag :D

    Personally I just did a lot of exercises with weights at home. I looked up a lot of videos on YouTube, sorted out the ones I like, and then sorted out again determining which are comfortable for my body and just started doing them.

    It took me three months approximately, because I didn't want to restrict myself too much because I knew that would make me quit. my trick is to not restrict myself :D that's how I managed and I'm very proud of myself now and my body looks awesome compare4d to before :P Good luck, and friend me if you wanna talk more or ask me more questions on the topic :)

  • vegan/vegetarian diet. my family is both. I'm not saying you have to dedicate and not eat meat, but try to get as much of a veggie diet as you can. I have never met an overweight vegan. high protiens diets are full of fat. Run. My whole family eats like this and we all run, and it's turned out pretty well.

  • Haha, you all know she does NOT look like that first link ;)

    Who is she trying to fool, herself? Funny.


    10 pounds are easy to drop if you change your diet completely.

    If you don't change the way you eat, there is really no point in exercising or weight training.

    Key FACTS

    Rise early and walk before your first meal

    Drink 2 glasses of water before each meal

    Eat foods with 5+ Fiber Don't eat white fluffy things

    Eat small frequent meals rather than 3 large meals.

    If you're going to drink juice, make it yourself!

    Stay away from salt and sugars as much as possible

    Don't eat after 5pm

    Those are just basics to go along with your daily exercise routine. (2 hours daily)

    I suggest using weights. :D But don't exercise the same muscle twice in a row, alternate between days. You can take one day off. I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks doing this. But you really have to be strict about it. Hiking helps a lot.

  • I'm not a fitness freak, but I prefer body A to B, just saying. Either way, you have an amazing figure, whether you loose the ten pounds or not. Good luck with getting to where you want to be :)