What is he thinking when he is looking at certain facial features?

What is he thinking (and smiling) when he's looking at

1) lips

2) teeth (when there's nothing on it)

3) eyes

4) boobs

5) ass

6) hair

7) neck

Why do guys look at certain features such lips stead of eyes?


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  • Most guys enjoy seeing all of those parts, because they are all pieces that can make someone attractive, or in some cases, unattractive. Then you have to understand that different guys have preferences for different things. Some guys are "ass men" and they love how her ass is shaped, how it moves, how it feels, etc. Some guys are "breast men" and they love everything about boobs. Some guys are leg men, or feet men. And most any guy loves a pretty face and nice hair.

    For most of those items, guys are mostly just thinking "I like that. It's attractive. Yummy." If it's their "main" attraction item (boobs, ass, legs, etc.), they might be picturing you naked, and imagining what they look like naked (this is pretty common). On occasion, they might go so far as to imagine you having sex with them, but that's actually the exception rather than the rule.

    Remember that men are visual; we evolved to be able to find healthy (this is reflected in things like beauty and symmetry), sexually-mature (breasts and noticeably wider hips) women for child-bearing from a distance, so visual perception is key to that, and it still strongly affects our behavior today.


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  • I will be direct (though face to face I would be more diplomatic answering these questions)...LOL

    1. Blowjob ability of yours and whether you have kissable lips

    2. French kissing and whether you are hygenic and could show signs of having bad breath

    3. Whether he feels you are attentive, feminine, nurturing, interested in him (whether he feels like he could share his feeelings with you)

    4. What cuddling his head would feel between them and what he would be looking at with you on top or in missionary position

    5. Whether he would be hornier when in doggy style position and thus how dominant you make him want to be during sex in that said position

    6. What your face looks like when its all he sees and whether he thinks you are feminine or a tomboy

    7. What it may feel like to hold on to it when having sex with you

    • This answer is perfection. Thanks! Hahah :)

  • I always look at eyes and the rest so I can tell different features of a women.So I know how she looks so I will have something to place her name with.Like Jane blue eyes.Becky pouty lips.Stephanie over bleach teeth.And turn-ons like Stephanie nice legs.Jennifer great butt.it could be anything like this for any man.Everyone thinks we as men jump straight to sex in our minds.That is not true for me


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