Was this girl threatened?

So I just came back from the swimming pool. Most of the women there are older or a bit overweight and I have quite a thin body because I'm young. don't get me wrong, I'm not up myself, this is just how it is.

I was in the sauna in a bikini with a few other women and a woman who was thin also walked in and sat next to me. I felt her looking at me for a second and it was just a weird vibe.

Anyway, I went to the outdoor spa later, and was relaxing, when I felt someone coming into the spa. It was her. She looked uncomfortable when she realized it was me, and only stayed in for a few seconds and left. Then I was really confused and kind of offended.

About ten minutes later I saw her walk past, and I realized she was inspecting the spa. I was the only one in it still, and she walked away.

Then this quite attractive guy got in and closed his eyes, and I left because I'd been in there for like, fifteen minutes lol.

Anyway, later I was coming out of the pool and I saw her and the spa guy talking, and I realized she had been in the spa like straight after I left.

She didn't mind that the guy was there, what the f*** was her problem lol. I'm just confused right now. She had a really bitchy face too, s in, when she looked at me, she just looked mean, but she was all lovely and smiling to the guy. I don't know if she was threatened or just mean. It pissed me off, I hate petty sh*t like that and I just don't understand it! I thought I left people like that behind in high school.


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  • she probably wanted the spa to herself with this guy and got the stiff upper lip when you was in there also, so don't worry about girls like this, they just need to drag their heads from their asses before going out into public,x

    • i just wanted to tell her to grow up, lol.

  • No matter where you run or how much you age unfortunately you will never get away from people like that. She was definitely flirting with that guy. As for her reactions around you I'd say it's more likely a misunderstanding than anything like jealousy or being threatened.

    • but how can it be a misunderstanding, she was clearly avoiding me. it was just weird.

    • she doesn't know you therefore she has no reason to avoid you unless you're that much more attractive than she is

    • i was the only other person there that wasn't fat. I'm attractive but not a model. I jut think it was weird and petty.

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