Awkward Eye Contact Gets Even...Awkward-er?

In one of my classes, we all sit on the floor in a giant circle. I tend to change my position in the circle every time we have class, but one thing never seems to change: the eye contact with a guy. Don't get me wrong, this guy's cute and everything and I'm interested! But I can't figure out what's up with the eye contact. I'll be listening ot the teacher talk, look away for a minute, and catch him looking right at me. He'll usually smile and turn away, so it's not awkward. Later on, I'll look at him to see if he's looking at me and he's not. But he'll look at me while I'm looking at him to see if he's looking at me! This is getting wordy and complicated, but do you get what I'm trying to say? What up with this awkward eye contact? Thanks in advance!


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  • Well...he likes you. Or at least likes how you look. I do this this all the time, being the socially awkward geek I am.


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  • More Awkward

    He may be trying to grab your attention


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