Am I not funny enough for him?

I try to be funny but like original with my own ideas just feeding off of what he said or did ( I don't try to the point where I stay up the night before I see him and think of things to say).

Examples: -He held the door open for me the other night but pushed it back so hard that it kinda rocked on its hinges and I said " oop mr muscles is now breaking doors off its hinges" ( he just looked back at me and smiled)

- He once came into work while I was dusting and said "oh that looks like fun!" to which I said " so much fun you wanna do it?" ( he smiled started to walk away and said " I'm not good at that stuff")

They're lame I know but just a smile? Suggestions to actually get a laugh or chuckle out of him would be appreciated! :)


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  • Ask him if he'd like to 68

    him: don't you mean 69?

    you: Nope I said 68

    him: what's that?

    you: that's where you blow me and then I owe you one

    I cracked up when my girlfriend told me that.

    • Haha love that! I was going to change up and go with " you remind me of my pinky toe; cute, small and I'm probably going to bang you on the coffee table tonight"

    • that one is good too but chances are he already knows it.

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  • maybe he's just not the laugh out loud type.

    the dusting one for example, he started it with a sarcastic comment you replied with sarcasm

    you both knew it was sarcasm and worthy of a wry smile. sarcasm isn't generally LOL funny.

    there are things I see other people falling over themselves tears streaming down their faces and I'm just like "yeah it was funny , but it wasn't THAT funny"

    tickle my belly tho and I'll giggle and cry like a little girl

    I could tell you a hundred jokes but that's scripted, designed to get a laugh.

    just keep being spontaneous, the fact he smiles at you suggests he thinks it and you are cute.

  • Sounds good to me, if my crushed talked to me like that GAME ON

  • The good news is that men don't like women who are funnier than them.

    • Soo I'm doing... Good then?

    • the point he is making is don't try too hard. If you can't please him by making him laugh then please him in a different way that you are more naturally good at (writing, cooking, advice, sex...)

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  • im like that too, I think there aren't enough girls out there with those type of comebacks! And I think that might be the prob with him, he doesn't know what to say back because you one upped him. When I do it I wear a big smile and perhaps put a "wink: at the end of the sentence.

    He sounds like the shy type to me.