They say eyes are the windows to the soul...

I've noticed that if I am sitting in the middle row in a classroom looking at the board my eyesight sometimes gets blurry? I am a bookworm and read tons of books but I've never encountered any difficulty when reading. Just that when I am sitting in class - 2nd or 3rd row back and looking at the board to note things down everything seems blurred.

Do I need reading glasses or glasses?

Also, if I need glasses what type of ones do I need for example, which would suit my shape of face.

(I've uploaded my picture - (the one in a dark pink suit) since; I can't tell what face shape I have) - could you please help me out :( And also tell me what eye shape I have when I look in the mirror they seem almond shaped but I don't know.


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  • Sounds like you might, you are probably near sighted or have a one sided astigmatism but you will have to go see an eye doctor for sure. I always go to a optamoligist because they do a full examination of your eyes instead of just your eyesight. Better safe then sorry right?

    I have been wearing glass since I was little so I know a little bit about choosing frames. But the best thing you can do for choosing glasses. Give yourself about an hour and basically try on all of them.

    Hope this helped <3 Good luck

    • I've read you have to find some that suit your face - I don't know what shape eyes or face I have which is why I uploaded my pic - so people could tell me.

    • its true you have to find one that suit your face. I am just saying you can get all the advice I the world but what your really need to do it just go to an eyeglass store and try on all of the different kinds/colors and just see what you like best and what you feel good in

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  • Get contacts instead :D I'm not sure as to what kind to get, go to a eye examination they'll tell you exactly

    • Cheers - if I had to get contacts I'd them in green since; I have brown eyes

    • It doesn't have to be colored contacts, since they can damage your eye. But you can get one for medical purposes

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  • You can actually google eye sight tester and check to see if you need glasses. Just a quick and easy way of checking! You should see an eye doctor though!