Do I look better with a stubble beard or without?

I know the clean-shaven look is always in, but stubble seems to be making its way back to the public eye. I feel that a guy should grow out his facial hair at least once in his lifetime, if only for the experience. That doesn't necessarily mean he should keep it.

it's my first time growing out my beard, my family isn't too keen on it but, well, it's my face. I'm looking for a professional look down the line and I only grew this beard out for several weeks ... I'd probably have to grow it past the stubble stage for it to fill in, but do you think it's worth the trouble?


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  • Hey there,

    I think you look good both ways! Although personally, I really like a bit of stubble, I'm not sure why, but I do...

    Anyways, you should do what you like best and what makes you feel good about yourself and is comfortable. Ultimately it's your body and you get to decide what you want to do with it...

    Hope I helped a bit :)

    • Thanks for best answer! I also just wanted to say, if you do what you like best, you'll also feel better about yourself, and people will sense your confidence. That in its self makes you more attractive :)

    • you are welcome, you sound like a very nice person and I like your positivity, it's very charming :-)

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  • I like it both ways. But I think a stubbly beard is always sexy :)

  • Much better without.

  • With the stubble! I love men with a stubble


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