A question about a hair style...Straw Curls?

I've noticed that a lot of girls with natural hair wear straw curls, but instead of wearing the actual perfect curls they rather have that wavy looking shiznit. Lol. Not hating or anything because it is extremely cute on my friends. I don't think it would be cute on me though and I personally prefer the perfect ringlets. What' you favorite way of wearing them or seeing them being worn?

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  • It depends on the look your going for, like if you want it to look natural or not, formal or informal, etc

    • I personally don't think the wavy (natural) looking hairstyle works for me. My haur is difficukt and it is nearly impossible to maintain wavy curls without using no less than three cans of spray. I'm not exaggerating either. I don't want to have an old out of date hair style either but I want something that would last.

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  • I'm not a fan of the perfect ringlets that look really obviously like you've done them with a curling iron. I mean... whatever, though. Wear your hair how you want.

  • I prefer deep slightly messy waves...makes me look so goodi'm not a fan of perfect curls unless they're soft waves at the bottom

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