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I've realized that all the guys I've been interested in the past time, have all the patterns: look at me a lot, but I seems impossible for them to approach me, getting to know me better... have a real interaction. Usually, people tell me I'm beautiful, but the sense that I am starting to get is that all of them just look at me to laugh at my face.

Right now, there is this guy... I started this class a couple of months, and he always seemed to be interested in me... He always looked at me, smile and usually used to sits close to me... Until this happened: a past few weeks I was leaving school and going home. Then he started to walk beside me. At the moment I didn't understand what was going on, so, I looked at him, he was looking forward, so I didn't say anything and then he entered in some store. Now he sits far away from me, and yesterday, when I was leaving my class I looked at him, but he didn't looked at me back.

So, what do you guys think of this? Am I doing something wrong or the guys doesn't like me at all? Thanks for advance

*real interaction


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  • I think these guys like you but you may be a bit unapproachable. There may be at fault on their part because they don't know how to approach you or they're shy, or it may be that they see you as intimidating.

    Men usually only respond to women, flirting-wise, when they see that you're interested or are making some effort to flirt back. Try flirting back, if you seem uninterested they will just move onto the next person. Do you talk a lot? Or not enough? If you talk too much they might not be able to get a word in. And if you don't really talk much they may feel they're bothering you and so leave to talk and get to know someone else.

    The only advice I can give, try being open with them, especially if you like them and give them a reason to get to know you. Talk to them about hobbies or points of interest then see where it goes. If they don't make the effort back, move on.

    • First of all, thanks for answering. I'm not fine today.

      Someday I can be shy, another ones, I can be really bold. It depends on the mood.

      With this guy, I was being bold...

      Until one day, he was sitting close to me, laughing with his friends and I realized that all the times he was around, he never tried to talk to me, and that really got in my nerves, so I left. Few days later, he "walked" next to me, as I said above. After that, he doesn't sit next to me again.

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    • Thanks for your advice. I'll try to do that! You made my day. :)

      I guess I feel that weird in this situation because all the interactions that I've lived before with guys was in parties, pubs... so, living this "during the day" is kind of new to me and I don't know how to act.

    • I get what you mean and good luck :)

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