WHY do some guys act this way?

I met a cute guy at university who happens to ride the same bus as I do, he seemed attracted at me ( I assume because he looked at me a lot before asking my name) then he purposely went off the bus at my stop not his just to have a conversation with me ( he admitted that this wasn't his stop) we clicked and had a nice conversation and walked me home then he said I will see you tomorrow and left .

The next day I saw him and he saw me and looked my straight in the eye but then just walked away .. ? I don't get it , he didn't even wave

So then on the bus he came in and sat down without even a hi or anything but I did catch him taking one or two glances at me and I dint say anything either , then he was like " do you want me to tell the bus driver to stop here cause its closer to your house ?" I said yes and I went off .

THATS THE FIRST THING HE SAID , AND THE ONLY THING HE SAYS . WHYYYYY? , is this hot and cold or was he not really into me


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  • Perhaps he found another girl, or he wasn't that interested in the first place, but was just a friendly guy that likes talking to new people? Not every girl I've been friendly with means I was 100% attracted to her. Some people are just more extroverted than others. Also, he could be trying to play it slow. Only time will tell if you see him again. You could always take the initiative and talk to him or get his phone number. Showing some interest doesn't hurt if you really want to get to know him better.

    • I found out recently from a friend of his that he is into me ... but he's still acting all hot and cold

    • He's probably concerned that if he shows too much interest from the start that he'll look needy, hence why I said he is playing it slowly. Show a little interest back and ask for his phone number next time so you can text/call each other.

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  • He's probably shy, or received wrong signals.

    Some shy guys, myself included, try and make an effort to talk to the crush. Problem is, we become so critical of every little thing. Maybe you did something unintentionally that he picked apart and then came to the conclusion that you weren't into him.

    It happens all the time with me, personally, and many other friends of mine. The more shy the guy is, the more analytical he will be of the smaller things.

    • Ok well I actually like this guy , do you think it would be wise to ask him why he didn't say hi ? what should I do

    • Give him more obvious signals. Or straight up ask him out. Be the one to initiate, as it is probable that he's too shy to try. That way, he will realize that you DO like him.

      Remember, it's always a gamble. There's always the chance that he doesn't feel a thing, so don't expect to be successful.

      But it's better to try, and fail, than to never try, and ponder what if?

  • Are you sure he's the guy and you are the girl?

    • lol , at this point I really don't know , the thing is : I don't like games and I'm guessing he's playing one

    • I agree that's he is probably just shy. Didn't know what to say or talk about.

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