I am going to study Fashion Journalism. Advice needed

So I am going to do a second degree in fashion journalism, howver is it one of those dead end degrees.

I have an Associates In Performing Arts

Associates In Business Administration (hated I so I stopped)

now I am going to do Fashion Journalism.

what are your advice. I use to model. I have a fashion blog. I design some of my own clothes. I scout models as well


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  • Seems over specialized. iMac be wrong but it also strikes me as one of those fields where having the degree has nothing to do with actually getting a job in the field.

    I also suspect the amount if paid employment in the field is minuscule.

    Tons of women want to be fashion journalists. There is no technical barrier to simply being one. Consequently there is no need to actually pay anyone to do this work. You can have 'interns' do it.


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  • You might have to work in a career field you can tolerate where there are jobs and use your fashion passion as a hobby. Where are you going to college that they offer "Fashion Journalism" as a degree rather than Mass Comm or even just Journalism?