Should I wear this smart casual shirt to college tomorrow?

It's very dark blue, pretty basic in design but classy looking. I want to get this one girls attention, I dress well anyway but so far in my new college class I've been just (fashionable) t-shirts in the torso department. But I should probably step it up a notch right? Oh and there's this other girl that all ready noticed me but it'd be good to wear to probably improve her opinion of me and hopefully make her feel kind of attracted to me which is the objective.

But if I do I'm probably gonna' wear it untucked and I always roll the sleeves up (I don't wear short sleeved shirts and I don't wear the long sleeves down. A weird... I dunno' Idiosyncrasy? ...where I only wear shirt sleeves rolled up). Maybe I should wear it tucked in?...actually if I wear it tucked in then it shows off my fashionable, and expensive, belt... which makes sense as opposed to hiding it.

I forgot my shirt is kinda' too long... it doesn't look ridiculously big on me at all it just goes too low below the waist unfortunately... not sure why really.

Should I tuck it in now? I think yes...


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  • you shouldn't tuck it in...a lot of girls think that's douchey, unless you're wearing it to a wedding or something. It's good you're trying to dress well to impress the ladies...but the thing that always catches my eye about a guy is if he can chat at me with confidence, but he doesn't show a lot of interest like being clingy. Try chatting one of them up...oh..and make sure you smell good. that can do a lot for you too. Good luck!

    • I speak to, and get on well with, one of them. It's a weekly class which we've only had four lessons of so far though... and the girl I get on well with was only even in two haha! But that's just talking I don't know how to chat up, I don't really be doing that.

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  • Tucked in is fine if you've got a slim fit body to show off, I think it's generally safer to do untucked though. More relaxed and casual

    If you wanna look classy though, wear a nice color button down tucked in with the sleeves rolled up and dark wash jeans

    Automatic hottie in my book ;D


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  • OK another European so we might get somewhere fashion wise.

    Shirts are always a good idea, there's 2 big different types

    A) Normal fit: You want to wear that tucked in

    B) Slim fit: You want to wear that hanging out

    The way I generally wear a shirt is sleeves rolled up and slim fit and don't forget a bracelet or 2 so your arms don't seem naked:D

    • I used to have seven bracelets... for about two weeks then I went back down to six when one snapped! :( It was so annoying because I was trying to get a seventh for ages. Seven is a number both lucky and magnificent, is my reasoning.

      I like those Bohemian style ones I can never seem to find lol. I have an engraved one I got for my 19th birthday, two leathers and three charity bands. And a cool, kinetic energy powered, watch on my other wrist.

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