Attractive but Poor?

I go to a fairly rich college (in my opinion it is pricey)..but I am cheap. I shop at Goodwill and I like thrift stores, however most of the girls at my school shop at Victoria Secret, and shop at the mall. I have never been able to afford "mall" clothes. They get their hair and nails done every week. I hate getting my nails done and I like getting my hair highlighted when I have extra money.

I hate looking like a charity case however I am a woman at my school that stands out because I just really do not care about that stuff. I am a woman who likes to look nice but putting money into yourself on a daily/weekly basis seems kind of ridiculous to me. I wear makeup and I get stared at a lot, not really sure why. But I am wondering, the guys at my school come from above average income families, do you think they see me below them? like trashy? because I do not feel the need to compensate for anything. I feel like clothes are clothes, and all my friends say I can pull off any look, but I am a great person when you get to know me. I am really friendly, and I like to make people laugh and feel comfortable.

Honestly, It takes money to look good, guys really don't understand how much money it takes. But beauty is on the inside. I feel like men need to remember that when they see a girl who looks "average" the way, I like normal and average looking guys. I hate that ambercrombie and fitch model style looking guy...Yuck.


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  • I went to an expensive college where all the girls wore very expensive clothing and were always put together. Thrift store clothing can actually be really cool. I'm not rich either but I always find sale item stuff in my favorite stores that can be more than reasonable. It's not that hard to bargain shop.

    As for nails, that's not necessary and neither is getting your hair done all the time. Looking presentable doesn't have to be that pricey. Believe me.

    • Thank you so much! That makes me feel so much better.

      That is what I think too. ;-)

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  • No it does't take money to look good...the nice guys will notice you just because you'll stand out from all the artificial looking girls. I always sought out the girls without money for outfits when I was in college, because I knew they'd be more genuine and not always be looking for a guy with more money...

    Be proud of who you are and go your own road!

  • I hear you...and so does(or should I use "do") lot of other guys. No one(decent) really cares about how flashy a girl is; all that you mentioned above - is more of a show off, might be able to pull it off for a day or day, but in the long run its people like you who win.

    Doesn't make you look below anyone or trashy. But do not confuse that flash or show off with basic grooming/hygiene, be presentable in general.

    • Thank You! this helped me.

      I mean, they are nice to look at, with nice hair, nice nails, and nice clothes, but I am not sure what all that fake stuff does for their mean personalities. Their are really mean girls at my college.

      I would rather be nice and poor, then mean and rich

    • yeah...focus on college more than anything else ; you will be smart, rich and still nice :D - can't beat that.

      those pricey nails and clothes will not get you too far at this time.

    • Ur right! :-) Looks fade, but inner beauty never does. I will focus on school. Thanks.

  • Curious as to what above average would be. For a house of 4 it is 65,000. (In the U.S, assuming you American, sorry if your not) I would say there are guys who would not care at all and guy who would see you below them.

  • a girl in my class wear clothes from Goodwill and I think it looks very nice. I see no problem with you not spending lots of money on clothes. I never understood why people pay so much for that

  • Girls care more about that stuff than guys do.

    • Thank You! I figured that was the case. Girls care about the dumbest things though

    • lol You said it, not me. :)

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