Guys, if you don't initiate further conversation, are you just disinterested?

I am sitting in my university library right now. A guy came in and I saw him look at me and sat directly at the table next to me and I saw him look over a couple times. I thought he was pretty cute. He asked me to watch his books and he smiled while he said it. I made another small comment to him later and he smiled again. But then when it came time to leave he just packed up his stuff and left. I was surprised he didn't do anything. He didn't seem shy, so I am a little confused. We we sitting here for a couple hours and I was hoping he would start talking to me again, but he didn't.


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  • He could have been late to class?

    He could already have a girlfriend?

    He could have just been friendly?

    He could have thought you were honest enough looking to guard his bag?

    Insert reason here?

    When in doubt, ask a guy for his phone number for he takes off. Tell him you enjoyed playing bag baby sitter or some other silly joke and use that as an excuse "in case he needs it again". You had an opportunity that you didn't take advantage of. There's no harm in asking for a phone number or Facebook add. The next time you have an interaction like this, take the initiative and ask him. He might have been interested, but for whatever reason thought you weren't. We can only guess this was the case, but always assume interest unless the guy blatantly denies giving you a phone number, then it is time to move on.


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  • Now that's what I call romance!

    *high five*

    IMO, he was probably interested but you didn't show any signs.

    Remember girl, in this game of love, two needs to play, not just one. Next time, don't wait for the guy to move, because he needs your signal, understand?

    • Seriously. So. True.

    • I attempted to start talking to him but it was a major flop lol. how embarrassing!

    • You tried, but it sounds like you need more practice. Like guys, flirtation is a learned skill, not something most people are born with. Try, try, again.

  • He was studying and just being friendly. =P

    • That's what I was thinking but I kept seeing him look at me out of the corner of my eye! Darn mixed signals haha

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    • Nooo I just looking for a nice goodbye after a few hours of sexual tension! hahah

  • Guy below me is right. Give him more signals, or he won't either.

    • I am just curious, but what signs should I have shown? I attempted to start talking to him when he returned, but it didn't really go anywhere. I guess I just don't know how to show it properly haha

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  • Are you kiddin me if I was sitting next to a guy and he made no effort to talk to me even though I spoke to him I'd think he's was just anti-social. He had his chance to talk to you back when you spoke to him but he did nothing. Anyone one who can just pack up and leave like that without saying anything is cold! I think you made the effort where as he didn't forget him. It wouldn't surprise me if he already has a girlfriend either, hence the reason why he made no effort.