Is it rude to have your freshly cleaned underwear out when you have visitors?

Okay, I know everyone has those times when someone just drops by to say hello, and your in the middle of folding clothes.

I was curious as to how many people think its rude to keep your chonies and other under garments just out for everyone to see.

Personally I would quickly hide them, I just feel like my underwear is personal, and you have to be special to see them.

But there are those people that are totally like, "hey look at my undies!" Not caring that there in a pile on the couch for everyone to glance at.

So how many of you like to hide your personal garments, and think it's rude to have them laying around with guests?


How many of you just don't care?


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  • If you have you personal undergarments out in front of people you aren't well acquainted with then it may seem un-sanitary.

    Not necessarily rude but rather un-professional in a sort of sense.


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  • If I dropped unexpectedly, and you were just doing the laundry, not rude that your undies are out...then again, I don't care much about that stuff.

  • I wouldn't find it rude, but maybe sexy if I liked the girl and she had hot undies! I'd let a girl see mine if I thought she was the fun type.

  • Well, you see that just walking down the street. You got the gangster types with there pants to their knees showing there boxers, the unclassy women who show their thongs, and the plumbers, well I won't go there. **lol**

    anyways, I believe as you do. But then again, who really wants to see a guys underwear?


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