Why is she nervous ?

So this girl at a school nearby seems nervous around me. So let me begin, before you say she likes me I doubt. We never had a conversation. One day, I was sitting outside and looked around and she was staring I was looking at her direction. I'm 18 btw

Today, at this fast food there were no chair left, people got up so I was about to take my chair. She came out of nowhere from behind and said noo that's ours with a smile without looking at me and she grab my chair, and I noticed she was nervous very easy to see. So I sat close to where she was and again (her sister or I don't know they look alike) were both staring at me. Ques : Why is she nervous around me, is it because of my appearance?


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  • basically she's nervous around you because she likes you or if not then she just thinks your cute.


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