Guys, what catches your attention on the street?

Sometimes when I´m walking down the street I see girls of any age that wear tight pants and big cleavages so that guys stare at them. And sometimes the girl who wears those type of clothes doesn´t have a great body, some of them have big, deformed asses that look as if a monster with a life of its own is following them closely. I find it so vulgar, so needy, so desperate. I think I hate the way they only show off one part of their bodies (their ass or their t***s) and maybe their hair is dirty or their face is really ugly.

I think the beauty of a woman can be found in her entire being, including her entire body and her personality or the way she dresses and if she´s elegant. A woman can´t be beautiful only because she has a big ass.

There is nothing better than being told you are beatiful when you are wearing loose clothes. That is because you can be sure that they think you are a beautiful woman, not a beautiful ass.

I never wear this type of clothing, but when I walk down the street most guys look at me and some tell me I´m pretty.

So I´m wondering what do guys like to see when they walk down the street? or what catches your attention? Do you think girls

don´t actually need those kinds of outfits to look beautiful?


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  • There is a difference in catching your eye, and beauty.

    Of course a girl with her t*ts half out or her ass showing through her pants is going to catch the eye of any cold blooded male, but that doesn't mean we find her truly beautiful and would be interested in dating her. Typically its the opposite.

    This is the misconception women make. Simply being nice to look at doesn't mean your personal value goes beyond that. Hence why women get jealous of p*rn. Yeah of course many of those women are hot and nice to look at, but its not like we're longing to marry those same girls. In other words, just like the girl walking the street with the giant cleavage, the only purpose us men see them serving is a quick 5min pleasure.

    A more conservative girl like yourself will likely turn less heads walking down the street. However, she is the girl that most guys will be fighting over to date when they are in fact looking for a Girlfriend and not just a girl toy to f*** and kick to the curb.

    I do in fact pity the girls who walk down the street looking like a slut for male attention because I know they are misguided. They think that dressing like a slut is what attracts men when all it really attracts is a subconscious response to turn the head, or get an erection (ok maybe not an erection lol). I remember when the subject came up in a college class of mine and almost ever guy chimed in stating that he preferred a classy looking girl who he could bring home to mom, and didn't find slutty girls to attractive other than for entertainment purposes.

    So to sum it up, guys basically put girls into 3 categories in terms of looks. Girl I would not f*** or date, girl I would f*** but not date, girl I would date and f***. Notice by the way, that there is no category for a "date but not f***".


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  • We're more likely to notice you if you're showing what you've got...incidentally, I think it's great when girls have the confidence to show it off a bit. Of course there's a time and place for everything, but it's a shame to hide something cute under a tent!

    • There is nothing "cute" about a big ass that has a life of its own.

  • A stopped reading at ''A woman can´t be beautiful only because she has a big ass. ''

  • The first sentence kholland65 put in so true. The way you dress sounds lovely. link link link link I like stuff like that.

    • Yeah, I love those clothes. I'm obsessed with vintage and dressing in a feminine, elegant, classy way. I hate the fact that some women think that the only way to be beautiful is to dress like s sl**.

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    • yeah its cute! Its very feminine and it has a 60s feeling to it that I love. And yeah, everyones different.

    • That skirt is tripy to look at when she jumps. Dress how you dress, it's nice.

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