There is this guy in my college who keeps looking at me a lot?

there is this guy in my college who keeps looking at me a lot and he didn't do anything about it he wast speak to me at all he just started talking to my friend who I'm always with without talking to me and he did that for a year. After this, on summer break, he added me to his Facebook and he still do not do anything. I think he has a girlfriend, maybe Because of that? please I need your opinion thank you.


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  • shy guy, perhaps afraid to talk to you, trying to get to know you more perhaps through your friend or perhaps he jus being friendly but stronglys hints he shy & perhaps little inexperienced


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  • If he has a girlfriend I would say that it is time to let him go. At first I thought that he may just be really shy, but it sounds like he was interested and has now moved on.

    Sorry, I know that that is not what you wanted to hear :(

    • he had his girlfriend for over a year.