Ok girls I'm thinking of changing my hair. What should I go with?

I just shave it now and its really short, but I don't do anything with I just ware a hat. So girls tell me what you think is hot pics would be nice!


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  • link

    lol and he's hot...and blond!


    and this hair style is hot too..


  • This hair will only work if you are willing to do it everyday, can't be lazy with it.


    This is one you could do that would work whenever, you could pretty muchly just get up and go.


    I love both of these, very hot. You could always look up Anthony Kiedis' hair because his always looks good and it doesn't really look like he ever has to do anything with it. His hair is always in style and hot.

    • Love the first one, not so much the second one.

    • Yeah I like the first one the best too, but the second one is really easy to do, and still looks pretty good.

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