Girls: would you be okay with this?

If you were sitting with a small group of friends/girlfriends in a restaurant/bar, would you dislike it if a guy who was sitting at a bar alone came over to talk to you, after he'd been looking at you a bit, with an interested look?


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  • It depends on my mood and if I am feelin the guy. If I'm interested I wouldn't mind too much- although, if its a girl's night thing it might irk me a little.

    • I was thinking about the same thing, about the girls night out.

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    • I would feel the same about dinner, but honestly I can't remember seeing any plates or anything, just drinks, if they had finished dinner would that change the situation?

    • Its iffy, restaurants aren't really condusive to approaching people like that.

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  • I would be OK if I was interested in him as well

    Like don't be that guy who was looking at me while I was doing my best not to make eye contact with should be mutual so make sure the girl gives you the green light first

  • Well I can't speak for everybody but I personally would be fine with it.


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