What's wrong with my leg? How to fix?

I've probably had this since I was small (18 now).

When I stand up straight, it looks like my left thigh is going inwards (towards my right leg) and that my lower leg (below knee to the foot, dunno what it's called) goes outwards. So when I walk, it looks a little funny. My right leg is totally straight, but my left looks like it's being dragged when I walk. Sort of like when you see really fat people walk, and their thighs go sort of inwards because of the fat, while the lower legs stick more out. I'm not fat or skinny (though more on the skinny side).

How could this be? I hope you know what I mean =) Thanks

Also, when standing straight up, my left leg looks a bit curved in the knee area... and when I run, my left knee sometimes touches my right. Quite annoying, really.


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  • u are knocked kneed. I am too.

    i never wear tight legged pants lol

    • Alright, that sucks hard man. Any way to fix it? Maybe squats or something?

    • surgery only way. but I never even looked into it so I do not know if it is at all possible for them to actually straighten your leg.

      mine is not noticible becasue of the clothes I wear, I been dating my boyfriend for 8 years and he asked me about 2 years back, I was sitting in a booth and had my leg on the seat. he walked up with food and said, what happened to your leg! hahaha caus you know it looks broken if you hold one leg straight. out

    • lol OK ;D

      Ty for help

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  • We can't know exactly what's wrong with your leg or how to fix it. Just go to a doctor and ask him what your options are.


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