Help. Hair turned green!

i just finished dying a layer of my friends hair blue, but the top of it turned turned a shade green when it should of just stayed blonde ! does anyone know how to get rid of semi permanent blue hair dye ?!?!? I need your help asap we have school tomorrow =( !

and we can't drive out to the store it has to be something home-made to strip the color .

the product is called "punky colour" from world of trout .

thanks so much ! =S


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  • i googled your question and this some of the things that it said to try,just know that anything can go wrong when you use homemade products, so be prepared and grab a hat if needed

    Step 1 Re-wash your hair. It is hard to get all of the hair dye out of your hair to begin with, so re-washing can help rid the hair of excess dye. Use plenty of shampoo and lather well. Be sure to always condition your hair after each washing, to avoid excess drying.

    Step 2 Try using dish soap as a shampoo. It sounds silly, but it is an old homemade trick that actually helps get rid of hair dye. The harsh ingredients of the soap will help strip your hair of the color, while cleaning your hair. Again, use plenty of conditioner afterwards.

    Step 3 Try a peroxide cap. This method can really get the color to come out of your hair. Buy 30-volume peroxide from any beauty shop near you. Mix it, per part, into you’re usual shampoo, and shampoo your hair with it. Leave it in for 5 to 10 minutes, and rinse. Again, repeat as necessary, always conditioning well afterwards.

    another that I found is this

    if you used a semi-permanent or temporary hair color, the color should wash out in 15-25 shampoos. You can speed up the removal by using a harsh shampoo. One recommendation was to use liquid laundry detergent, which is very harsh and will not only strip the color but all the protective oils that keep your hair smooth and shiney. If you go this route, plan on using a deep conditioner immediately afterwards to protect your hair.

  • Use the color theory. My sister's a cosmetologist and I went to a salon she worked at and a lady was supposed to die my hair blond. she added something extra and it partially turned green.

    Theirs a color theory where if you do one color you can initially "cancel" the color out by doing an opposite color. See if you can google the color map. It looks like a color wheel. Find the GREEN color and look Directly across it. Whatever color is directly across use That to put on the green spot to cancel it out. Trust me I know I sound crazy but any cosmetologist will tell you its what they do.

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