Guys, what are things you look for in a potential girlfriend?

i want to be as girlfriend material as I could possibly be! so any advice will help.


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  • Initiative! One who takes initiative in keeping things a relationship. This is a big reason I drop contact with girls I meet. A lot of girls always expect the guy to keep in touch with them. I prefer a mutual initiation for communication. I keep hearing that girls are afraid of "bothering" the guy but I barely ever hear about a guy being "annoyed" at their girlfriend talking to them.

    Guys who want a relationship need to know that the girl is still interested in staying with them. If a guy doesn't call or text you for a day and you don't do something simple as saying hello he will assume you are not interested in them.

    Other things include appreciation. You don't want to be taking the guy for granted. Neither should the guy take the girl for granted.

    • I think this is a good point ;-)

      Although I DO her a lot of guys complaining about being 'bothered', I also hear complaints of being neglected.I think sometimes a person is just annoyed, and looks to find an easy place to lay blame.

      I don't think any person in a mutual relationship, should be able to honestly say they are : worried about bothering someone. : or annoyed at someone caring.

      If these are true concerns, the relationship needs plumbing, or should be thrown out.. imo.

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  • A similar belief system to my own (religion, politics, society/culture, etc.).

    Doesn't flirt with other guys.

    Good cuddler.

    Appreciates presents.

    Likes to dress up.

    Wants to wait until marriage for sex.



    Appreciates chivalry.

    Just to name a few.

  • Well there's a lot but one of the big ones for me is don't be flirtatious with other guys.

  • My idea of a girl. A pretty face a must with a good personality, very feminine loner hair a plus but not a must. Not a party or town girl. Good values a must. I don't like tattoos at all and or piercings other than her ears. If she's a cocky arrogant snob, it's see ya later.

  • Have to have at least a few similar interests with me

    Has to be the nice, sweet type

    Not promiscuous

    Has to be the loyal type that will actually work on the relationship and not high tail it when things get touch like many girls seem to be


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  • just remember there are double standards, it seems the "girlfriend material" girl is the sweet innocent one. but you can get ruined pretty fast according to these guys if you have sex freely.

    don't dress trashy or overly revealing

    don't have a lot of sex. try to keep your number as low as possible if it is outside a relationship or at least a guy you have been dating for a few months. because these same guys who are having strings free sex with you will think you are a slut, but they don't care because you aren't their problem, they just want their cake and leave.

    harsh but true.