If you know Las Vegas area..I need your help

So I am looking to go to Las Vegas to celebrate my birthday. Does anyone know of a 1. A surrounding area that I could fly into/ and get a hotel that wouldn't be as expensive as in las Vegas but that is fairly close that I could commute to Las Vegas 2. Is the transit system there relatively similar to that of New York? I am looking to go right before thanksgiving. Are there any ideas you have that I could try that will help me cut cost?

thanks guys. The information was very helpful


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  • If you book on Hotwire you can get a room at a big fancy hotel for very cheap. I went there with my ex and he got us a room at the Las Vegas Hilton for $40/night. Or maybe it was $25. Don't remember. And then we got a suite at the Rio for about that much too.

    It would be your best bet to fly directly into LAS. They don't have a subway.

    • thanks for the info. It was very useful

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  • The transit system in Vegas really sucks. Outside of the monorail which really only good for a small area of Clark County - it doesn't even reach the airport - you only have a bus system that is sparse and doesn't reach wide. You either need to rent a car or use cabs to get around Vegas/Clark County.

    Good news though being the Nevada still is at the bottom for unemployment and tourism is not anywhere close to the levels of 2007, you can get great deals on hotels AND rental cars. Compacts were going around $30 a day, which even with current gas prices you easily save money on cab fares and can still get around. Or you can as the other guy suggests the nicer hotel/casinos will shuttle you to their place and if its on the Strip you're in easy walking distance to a lot of major attractions. In fact, it's what we do, park our car in one of the many strip venues that offer free parking, then stroll along the Strip to enjoy something or another. But mostly though locals stay away from the strip.

  • If you're not staying in Vegas, you'll need to get a cab to get there, and that will probably offset any money you're saving on the hotel. I imagine that "right before thanksgiving" is probably a slow (and relatively cheap) time in Vegas, most people are probably taking trips to see their families, not trips to blow all of their money in casinos.

    Cabs are the transit system in Vegas, IIRC, though some of the more upscale hotels might provide shuttles. However, most of the decent hotels also have casinos in them, and probably aren't looking to provide you with a cheap and easy means of going to other casinos.


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  • Go hard or go home :)

    There are plenty of hotels strip adjacent that don't cost as much. Kayak has some good deals. Also if you mud week you get much better deals.

    Trip advisor is a good site to get feedback from people who have traveled to LV.